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My name is Lars Fink Rasmussen

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark - but sees the whole world as my playground.


I have worked as a creative director, art director and graphic designer in the advertising industry for more than 28 years. And for the past 5-6 years, I have been the photographer on various tasks as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, portraits, commercials - both as stillphotographer and videographer


I'm trained to think conceptually or to make good ideas, and I just love to tell beautiful stories - visual stories. My biggest passion is beauty and fashion images. I can still be deeply fascinated by a beautiful fashion image and all the work associated with fashion images - all the clothes and shoes, accessories, the right location, selection of models, the theme, the light, styling, makeup, assistants and photo equipment. And I love when the right model, the clothes and a cool location merge into one beautiful universe that makes pure magic for the eyes. Therefore, magic is a very important keyword for me, at any shoot - I want, I can, I will always go for creating a unique visual expression. Okay, is not good enough - it's got to be special, catchy or just crazy beautiful. To me, fashion and beauty are not just an easy solution. It requires a lot of preparation with the idea and research, so the final result gets the right magic mood. Perhaps I'm a perfectionist or a little nerd, but I simply love all facets of a great picture, both before, during and after. I can guarantee, that I will go all-in to create the perfect picture every time.


I have through many years instructed actors, professional models, semi-prof models and completely untested models. No matter who, what or how practiced people are in front of the camera, mutual respect, smile and humor are important ingredients for creating the best mood and the best results. And, by all means, I'm good at making people relax, feeling comfortable and happy in front of the camera, so the beautiful and magical moments gets caught in the camera. Most importantly, whatever you want me to shoot, you can be sure that you always get the highest quality delivered from me.

Feel free to check my website and if you have any questions about photo, movie, prices, etc let me know.

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